At Musician’s Outlet, we have a long-standing relationship with music and our instruments. We know that our customers value their gear and so do we. We will treat your pristine sax or beat up acoustic guitar with care. Our repair shop offers full-service solutions for any string out of place or tattered cork. We want you to get back to your jam sessions.

It can be hard to trust someone with your instrument. Musician’s Outlet has over 31 years of experience doing repairs here in the Desert. We treat your instrument as if it was ours and assure timely, quality service at an affordable price.

Meet the Repair Team
Brass/Woodwind Techs
Our technicians have always been immersed in music and have seen it all after their long commitment to musical instruments and repair. Our quality craftsmen bring back the luster and sound to your beloved brass or woodwind instrument.

Over 45 years experience in expert repairs and professional playing experience. Our repairmen have experience fixing small to large problems in saxophones, clarinets, trombones, French horns, trumpets, and all other woodwind and brass instruments!
Electronic Repair
Our electronic repair technicians specialize in fixing all musical equipment and electronics; including keyboards, DJ turntables, DJ mixers, guitar amps, guitar & bass pedals, bass amps, drum machines, wireless and regular microphone systems, speakers, powered speakers, speaker reconing, digital and analog mixing consoles, cassette players, cd players and all other electronics. We will fix your electronic problems with Sound repairs!
Guitar Repair
Whether it is strung with steel or nylon, our guitar repair specialists can restring and repair any issue you may have. Our techs have experience in all types of repairs. Is your headstock completely broken off? We can help. Does the exterior of your guitar have marks and other damage? We can restore it to its original glory. At Musician’s Outlet we love instruments as much as you do and treat every repair with immense attention to detail and care.

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